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    strange lights have been seen there. No one was there to witness the event live. There is also the spirit of a caretaker that lived on the property from the early 1930's until his death around 1960. Because this activity only happened on the later shifts (2nd 3rd) it would have been all but impossible for anyone, especially a child, to get into any of the buildings without being noticed. It then moved to its present location in Lima on the 210-acre Abraham Pennell Farm on Middletown Road. Check it out for yourself Hazleton - Green Street - After a basketball game a kid fell down 4 flights of stairs in the old Holy Trinity School and now is haunting the Holy Trinity School that is there now. There was supposedly a train wreck in the late 1800s or early 1900s where the trail is now located. And sometimes you see a maintenance man down there who tells you that the pipes of the furnace need a cleaning, and when you ask them what's wrong he vanishes. Pittsburgh - Shields House - Captain Shields haunts his former home.

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    It was a Civil War hospital in near the 1860apos. Any info on the things that happen there please email Haunted Places Carlisle Carlisle Barracks Letort View Community Center At images least three ghosts hunt this place. Also, he was blind and his guide dog was leading him. My mother and I went to talk to them about this" Smithton Van Meter Darr Mine The Darr Mine was the site of a one of the worst Mining disasters in the United States. S an area a few miles up Janesville pike where the guard rails end. While they were digging they caused a large cave in that flooded nearly all of Miller Run the other side of the mountain was opened up into Chest Creek Mining Company where it meets with the old Miller Run min shaft. Hauntin" the boys were cutting school and got stuck in the attic. S people call her" and a small area where you can pull off the road.

    Parking is free, and they also have a 5 parking garage on a few different levels.Michaud, 45, of Salem, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday March 2, 2019 at her home.

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    It is said that a schoolhouse was located in here where students would go to learn. And no one will be there. And people even have heard and seen him running away. People have claimed to see former residents roaming the grounds and buildings. Employees reported him walking out toward the tavern area when the dinning and tavern area were closed and all best casinos int he world the doors were locked. Middletown Linvilla Orchards October 2007 Has been removed Middletown Londonderry Fire Company There is a former fire fighter who was killed in an accident on his way to a fire call. Local towns people say they have seen. Their have been other stories about the school that date back to after the civil war. The WalMart that was proposed was scrapped because of a landslide. Things being written on walls, paradise Pocono gardens lodge A man was killed by a drowning in the outside pool of Pocono gardens and now he haunts the pool area and the lower rooms.

    Tours are open on special days to celebrate the landmark.Employees say that she opens and closes doors and turns on and off lights.In 1974, It became a State Mental Hospital under the Department of Public Welfare and closed in 1982.

    Reading Albright College Selwyn Hall The third floor of Selwyn Hall. Pittsburgh Blue Mist Road On this road at night a bluish mist forms over the road. S when the town was called Centerville. Allentown, several ghosts reportedly haunt this place. Allegheny, and was used as a stage coach stop in the last century.