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    present owners! Spokane - Gonzaga Prep High School - The ghost of a teenage girl supposedly haunts the halls. And when people freak out she gets mad and she messes with you! Restaurant workers (below) have spotted a shadowy figure Lacey - Nisqually Middle School - A picture taken showed an orb in the "7b" hallway. Then a couple weeks later the drunk driver wouldnt admit he killed her. Steilacoom - Fairy Train Tracks - Steilacoom - is notorious for casino its ghost encounters and has established a well-known history for all of those who live in the surrounding areas of the town. The old projection room, which is now blocked off, is said to have a strong force pushing you back out the door. At night at about midnight, you can see a janitor that has once been killed by another student. He sometimes sneaks into people's apartments, picks up the phone and writes down a real address: In the morning residents find his mysterious notes by the phone, and find the door open. They have since moved the house off of its foundation, down the block and started renovating. Moses Lake - Frontier Middle School - On the date of February 6, 1996, the way of life in Frontier Middle School was shattered forever when a student by the name of Barry Loukaitis stepped into his Algebra class with a high powered hunting rifle. The elevator also opens when you walk up. Roy - Old Roy High School Gym - There was originally a high school in the town of Roy, Where the elementary school now stands. Bellingham, the Old Town Café. Spokane - Double Tree Hotel - Every night, since last October of 1998 Halloween a mysterious noise occurs from the 15 floor. A family had just moved in the place and everything was calm for a little bit. These listings are available offline, sort by: Recent Name Rating Popularity. Some also say that if you go to the splashdown there you can see a hung little girl on the big dipper. All of the families around there have had strange happenings. Seattle - The Rivoli - a turn of century building casino where the spirit of a young Eskimo girl who came to Seattle to start a new life has been felt and seen. She is thought to be the wife of the commander who died of fever in the 1800s. Coupeville - Old 1 Room School House - is now used as a rental unit. Auburn High School Auditorium Pit and Cat Walk areas. Visitors, workers, and the Police have reported hearing footsteps made with hard soled shoes walking around the building after dark. Most of the staff there are willing to tell you the tales of the many ghostly personalities that reside there. Others have experienced the lanterns in their own yards, displaying a kind of light show. Spanaway - Spanaway Lake Park Children that have drowned in the lake are said to be heard playing in the play ground above the park at nighttime when the park is closed.

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    Fort Lewis North little Fort Lewis The cadences of platoons of soldiers running is often heard early in the morning. The 3rd floor in the back has a friendly gentleman ghost that asks the housekeepers and night bellman for towels and such but is gone before they can get a room number. Guests report sightings of a woman on the 4th floor near her room 408. Names, when you go to the costume room you can feel the atmospheric imprint of people there. Nobody knows the two girlsapos, just add your must see destinations as extra stops along the way. The husband would return in the evening to meet his wife. So the identity of the gentleman in the basement is unknown. S Little footprints and handprints appear, it is said if you put powder or fresh paint down and leave.

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    Violators will be prosecuted, and a young teenager who was killed in the little creek casino washington state street by a car as well. The witness accelerated no way dog could keep up 3 miles down the road dog was sitting and watching. But essentially benign presence, side Note, this was a former Masonic church which was once used to sacrifice animals and supposedly humans. Tacoma University of Puget Sound Inside Theatre The Inside Theatre the name little creek casino washington state may have changed in the past few yearsis haunted by an unseen. Along with a boy Carnation Fall CityCarnation Back Road Reports of a white ghostly looking dog. Then abruptly stop, the ghost is even mentioned in the pamphlet at the front door. A police officer that was stabbed and killed their remains. Spokane Mirabeau Park Hotel Formerly the Valley Doubletree A woman and her two children have been seen wandering the halls of this hotel. The footsteps seem to be walking down the stairs on the east side of the building. The Grant House was the first built and was once home to President Ulysses.

    He leaned forward and saw the face of a girl inches away from his face.There was a US border raid and many of the Chinese workers were herded into that upstairs room, summarily shot, and buried or dumped elsewhere.Raymond - Riverview - A man in white has been sited in past years primarily during the summer in the evening has said to follow those who have noticed his presence for about a week then disappears and a friend without knowing that the other.

    Then he would disappear when they turn around. The old lady recorded in a journal what had happened every night. Fact At school kids and some adults see a dark figure that is blurred out in corners and darker areas. While you smell a strong scent of sulfur in the air. Spokane Gonzaga University Monaghan Hall Monaghan Hall is the music building for Gonzaga University. There is one case in which a student was leaning over the catwalk to change a light and lost her balance. Many local teens drive to Silvana late at night to see what all the hype is about and many never go back.